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The Hidden Tribe





Meaning: The Strong one

Material: Real Leather, Vintage Berber Zayan Hanbel, Vintage Berber Jewelry.

Description: Hanbel is made through a flat-weave process whereby the weaver threads the weft back and forth through the wrap until the rug or pillow is finished.

Symbology: The middle diamond (female symbol suggesting fertility/woman’s womb) is filled with the nine birth symbols (the two pairs double hooks connected with a diamond. It's supposed to portray the position of the woman while delivering, the two pairs of hooks represent the open arms and open legs, the middle represents the woman’s womb). Around the dimaond, we can see a chain of hooks (male element. The weaver plays with the white and black to get the effect of having the black hooks facing the womb (male-femle union) and the white ones facing the outside (protection).

Surrounding the main diamond we have four half triangles filled with diamonds and male elements (hatched lines and straight lines). Here the weaver is also tricking the eye. The straight lines do form the X shape as well which is a female symbol (representing the way berber women used to deliver: open arms over a wire and open legs)

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