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The Hidden Tribe



From the Zemmour region, the Bohemian Roots of Zemmour rug is a top-quality rug packing different colors to provide that spark of warmness in your interior space. This rug offers an exciting combination of colors with an imposing brick red. Another name for the Zemmour rug is the Amazigh rug. It is a very light rug for its size, making it easy to store or hide the rug. If you are looking to add a natural vintage touch to your home, this is the right choice for you. Note, the imperfections in the woven material make each of these rugs unique and beautiful. The uniqueness of this rug is in its colorful shapes and symbols that express the Amazigh culture. It also points towards the creativity of the artisan that made the unique piece. This handmade, vintage rug describes the cultural value in the space it sits.

Made to measure Overview

LEAD TIME: 8-12 weeks

MAX. WIDTH: 13 feet

LENGTH: Any length

PRICING: It depends on design, size and or material .

INTERIORS: Residential & Commercial*

For commercial interiors, we've got you covered with rugs that are up to ADA code and appropriately flame treated.

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