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  • The Color pop
  • The Color pop

The Hidden Tribe

The Color pop




Introduction: This vintage piece is a testament to the Ben M’Guild weaving style. A very intricate design full of local elements and berber symbology. Most of the Hanbels are heavy pieces and it’s very rare to stumble upon a small one. This joyful wonder can go on a wall to lighten up the mood of a room, over a couch, or as a statement piece for a hallway entrance.

  • Origin:  Ben M’Guild Rug.
  • Dimension: 1.83 1.04
  • Weaving Method: In order to make a Hanbel, the weaver has to use the flat-weaving for the field and the knotted-weaving for the decorative symbols.

Flat Weave

Flat weave involves strands of weft yarn laced in and out of the warp threads and beaten down to make a close, even textile. This technique was widely used for the rugs of the hot lowland and desert areas of Morocco. There are no knots, so flat-weave rugs lay thinner than pile carpet but may feature very intricate designs. Stripes and chevrons are common designs, but fine weavers create rugs that almost resemble tapestries in their complexity. The patterns can be varied with the addition of knotted or embroidered sections, and colors range from vivid hues to undyed natural whites, off-whites, grays, browns and blacks.

  • Colors: Phosphorescent pale green, yellow, burgundy, white, black .
  • Decoration and Symbology:  At first sight, this piece looks like a full expression of the female identity up till you take a closed look to the way each diamond or chevron has been designed. The female elements are made up of male elements (ladders, straight lines, fish spines…etc) we like to think of it as the ultimate piece to express the female-male union, whereby the female and the male complete each other without taking away from each other’s shape or symbology. The male elements are supposed to represent virility as well as protection. Every single diamond (representation of woman’s womb and fertility) is surrounded by male elements for protection and filled with the same as a hint for a fertile union. The hooks surrounding the diamonds are protective elements and the little squares bifurcating from the top and bottom corners of the diamonds are a representation of a new born. The borders who are normally dedicated to the male elements, have been altered in this case to house a beautiful fusion between both female and male elements just like the field. 
  • Knot style: Symmetric 
  • Wool velvet: Orange
  • Fringe: Thick, plaited and stopped by a simple knot
  • Material: Berber Wool
  • Wrap: Salmon
  • Weft: Burgundy
  • Pile Knotted Decorations: Phosphorescent pale green, yellow, burgundy, white, black, in addition to sequins.
  • Bottom end: stopped by a horizontal black braid (chevron effect)
  • Top end: Finished by an assemblage of threads into braided fringes and a horizontal black thread (chevron style). 
  • Price: Purchase: 360Dh 

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