Weaving: Mounting The loom.

Weaving: Mounting The loom.

Flat weave is a technic used by Berber women of the Atlas Mountains in Northern Africa, it refers to the way the rug is woven on the wrap. in this case strands of weft yarn are laced in and out of the warp threads and beaten down to make a tight, even textile.
In order to understand this technic we will have to explain all of the steps involved, we will skip the previous steps leading to the setting up of the loom since we have dedicated an article to the previous steps.

The mounting of the loom.

The wrap is the main foundation for any Berber rug, the ceremony is serious and considered sacred since the women approach it like if it were the beginning of a pregnancy.  It's worth noting that even if the carpet is intended to the personal use of a certain house hold, the mounting of the loom is a community effort whereby other women land a hand to the main weaver. 

Step 1The first is to wind the wire around two pegs. The distance between the pegs will give the size of the carpet. This operation requires three women, one at each picket and one who makes turns between the pickets. A horizontal frame is obtained.
Step 2The second is to place this weft on the loom in order to be able to turn it over and to obtain a vertical frame which will serve as the base of the carpet.


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Once the loom has been mounted with the wrap it's time for the weaver to start weaving the rug. Check our next article for a detailed description.



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