Collection: Beni Ourain

Béni Ouarain rugs originate from the Béni Ouarain tribe, living in the Atlas Mountains, they were created due to the harsh winters of the high mountains. Traditionally, these long-pile rugs with a minimalist appearance represent geometric shapes (lines, diamonds, triangles, etc.) in dark brown or black on a white or beige background. Originally, the function of the traditional carpet was not decorative but was mainly used to cover the floor of Berber tents due to their thick material, in order to keep the heat during the cold nights of the High and Middle Atlas mountains. So they are big, thick and heavy. In the cold northern regions, rugs are mainly hand-woven with pure natural sheep's wool. In regions with mild climates, Beni Ouarain rugs were generally used as decorative rugs or to cover chairs and were therefore smaller and lighter. In warmer southern regions, women used cotton as a base, but the knots of the rugs were made of wool. Today, Beni Ouarains carpets have become essential for interior decoration enthusiasts because they adapt to almost all types of decoration (Scandinavian, Ethnic, Modern...). Each creation has a real positive impact on the life of the artisan who produces it, and that of their family.