Collection: Zanafi Kilim

Zanafi Kilim rugs were unknown on the market until the 90s as living room rugs. Thanks to the imagination of the weavers, they are considered true works of art comparable to abstract painting. From Paris to New York via Tokyo, many art galleries exhibit these rugs as works of art. His strength and originality were a true source of inspiration for artists like Matisse, Paul Klee and Le Corbusier. The Zanafi carpet took its name from the Zanafi tribe located in the High Atlas of Morocco west of Ouarzazate. This Berber rug is woven with wool threads using a special weaving technique comparable to that of the Kilim rug. The technique allows you to create complex geometric patterns on thin, light rugs while keeping them strong. We therefore obtain a magnificent flat woven rug allowing your living room to celebrate the timeless Moroccan spirit in a special way while remaining valid in the contemporary world. Hand-woven and embroidered with a wooden needle, the rug retains a cultural presence and symbolism of the Berber spirit.