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Cactus Silk Pillows

Weaved in the Atlas Mountains, each cactus silk pillow collection is a mix of colorful and beautifully faded or bright colors pieces showcasing traditional Amazigh motifs. Handmade from start to finish, the artisanal process begins with peeling local agave plants to harvest threads, which are then naturally dyed and loomed into fabric. Each pillow is created individually.

Due to the handmade qualities of this product, please allow for charming imperfections in the threadwork and lines. Details may vary slightly from items pictured as each pillow is unique.

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Vintage Pillows

These are unique vintage cushion covers made vintage Moroccan Amazigh wool rugs, hand woven by Amazigh women. The backing is also made from an old kilim rug of different designs and colours. These cushions are the true definition of repurposing!

As this cushion are made from a vintage handmade rug, there may be some imperfections and signs of wear, which are an inherent part of their boho beauty. 

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Henbel Pillows

Moroccan Kilim or Henbel are originally handmade from the highest quality of wool and handwoven using the flat weave technique for thin dimensions and ultimate durability while it combines beauty and practicality!

This great artistry is a fruit of many weeks of work by Amazigh women and at the same time it's every tribe's honor and pride! Rugs, poufs and pillows of this style have recently become an international trend. These authentic vintage Kilim pillow cases are made with metal mirrored sequins for a unique appearance!

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Zanafi Pillows

These gorgeous, Moroccan throw pillows feature a high-contrast combination of several colors. The background of the pillow features a minimalistic design, and braided accents in addition to several forms of diamond patterns and a matching border for a completely contemporary look.

Promising endless texture and drama, this cozy wool pillow is sure to be right at home in any space.

Keep your pillow clean by spot cleaning with mild soap and water.

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Broidery Pillows

These are magnificent hand-embroidered cotton cushion covers - Rbati embroidery (from Rabat) in natural silk Floral patterns.

Moroccan embroidery is an art passed down from generation to generation; from mother to daughter.
It charms with its aesthetics, its finish and its very varied patterns.
Whether it is Rabat, Salé, Fez, Meknes, Azemmour, Tétouan, Chaouen, the diversity of the repertoire and techniques is based on the transmission of know-how by the elders, the skill, the faculty of concentration and imagination of the young embroiderer who was decorating her trousseau.
Rbati embroidery (from Rabat) is often monochrome with floral motifs.

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Velvet Pillows

Moroccan Velvet pillows are hand woven by the bride’s female relatives and are made from velvet.

It can take many hours, even weeks of work to attach those hundreds of mirrored sequins.

Now popular with scandiboho decor the concept of the wedding blanket pillows has been used to create one of a kind cushions, so you can have a touch of bohemian luxe in your home.

This is a modern take on the classic handira.

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Hendira Pillows

Moroccan Hendiras or Amazigh wedding blankets as they are also known are traditionally hand woven by the bride’ and he female relatives and are usually made from sheep wool. It can take many weeks of work to attach those hundreds of mirrored sequins.

After the wedding ceremony, the bride wears the blanket tied around her neck as a kind of cape to her marital home.

Now popular with scandiboho decor the concept of the wedding blanket has been used to create one of a kind cushions, so you can have a touch of bohemian luxe in your home.

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Kubba Pillows

These Moroccan wedding Pillows are handwoven by Amazigh Moroccan women artisans using acrylic wool with all embellishments hand sewn on one-by-one. The pillows are traditionally made by Amazigh brides to bless them on their wedding day with happiness and fertility. The pillows are considered very precious as they take considerable time to make and are therefore highly treasured.

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