Collection: Boucherouite

Our collection of vintage or new Boucherouite rugs. Boucherouites Amazigh rugs are traditional Moroccan rugs. These rugs are made from recycled fabrics (linen, cotton wool, etc.). If they are called poor man's rugs, this is in no way pejorative for us. Moroccan women who could not buy wool to weave ruugs got into the habit of using old clothes and recovering the fabric cuts into strips in order to make these multicolored Boucherouite rugs sometimes also called Boucharouette.

Today some would call it upcycling. We prefer to say that it's common sense and household economics. These colorful patchwork rugs are small collector's items, all unique and artisanal. Archetype of bohemian chic decor, they are perfect for children's or students' rooms. More affordable than the Azilal or the black and white Benouarains, our Bucherouite rugs are often just as charming and tip the balance of your interior decoration more towards the bohemian side than the bourgeois side.

Vintage boucharouette rugs nonetheless remain true collector's items. An authentic craftsmanship of knotted rugs that know how to transcend fashions and eras while remaining affordable.