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Our Initial meeting

At our initial meeting, we will go over the general idea of the kind of feel you wish to achieve in your space. Undoubtedly, this step is invaluable because it tells us everything about your needs, taste, likes and dislikes.

When designing a custom space, the more our designers know about your likes and dislikes, the better your space plans will turn out!

We will go over materials, colors, accessories and of course measurements.

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Without a doubt, having the right vision is critical to the success of a custom-designed space. At The Hidden Tribe, we are highly respected within the artisanal community. They understand our high standards and share our determination to get our clients nothing less than the space they envision. We have an in-house team of designers and weavers, who work together to deliver the best handmade products. They work to create your new beautiful space if you have already an exact idea of how your space should look like we expect flexibility to allow for changes in the design of your space as often as it takes to get it right.

It’s about your satisfaction, and the team we create for you as our designers and weavers will ensure you are pleased.

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Select the colors

Choosing your Design

Having the right Interior style is critical to successful custom space.

Whatever style you cherish there is an Amazigh tribe that matchs it.

While building your dream interior it takes just the right eye to give your new space the right Moroccan Amazigh sophistication you dream of.

Our in-house team will work with you to bring your unique style to your new custom space. If you have already pictures or Pinterst board, we will work with your inspiration to create your new beautiful home.

Our expertise as residential luxury builders in floor plan layout, furniture selection, and materials selections will make decorating your new home an enjoyable experience for the whole family!

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The Budget

Above all, we understand the importance of keeping a project within budget. This is why we will review your wish list and provide you with an accurate and detailed analysis of what designing your new space will cost.

With over 20 years of experience decorating homes, you can rest assured we will provide you with an accurate and budget while maintaining the highest quality standard.

Next is all about your scheduling.

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Our top priority is to ensure your you can enjoy your new custom dream space on time. We pride ourselves on staying as close to our schedule as possible and keeping our weavers moving according to plan. However, there is one thing we will never do as experienced artisans:

We will never sacrifice quality at any price!

There is a delicate balance between doing what’s right and what’s “right now.” Keeping the project flowing is critical, and we maintain close observation in the work process for any delays in the schedule. Our system allows a smooth process in which your Moroccan custom space will be completed on time and within the agreed upon budget.

Check our Poufs' Catalogue

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