Collection: Vintage Master Pieces

Moroccan vintage rugs and Kilims were originally created by the nomadic people to warm the floor of their tents and wrap their basic necessities. They later spread to villages and cities of North Africa and kilims are considered the oldest rugs in the world. Today, the kilim rug is considered an essential decorative object due to the enormous variety of its models and colors. It is used to cover floors and walls of houses. "Kilim" is a word of Turkish origin meaning "colors that do not mix" and referring to rugs that never mix colors, in fact every time the color changes a new stripe appears on the rug. The Berber red Kilim or rug is a hand-woven rug with natural fibers such as wool, cotton and silk in some occasions. Geometric patterns like diamonds or triangles are the most used, with bright colors like dark red, magenta, mauve, pink, orange or brown, obtained with natural dyes like henna or other extracts plants, insects and minerals. Each tribe used different traditions to weave a kilim. In Northern tribes where the color white is most used, kilims and rugs bring colors as well as a bohemian chic touch to the decoration. We also like the Kilim cushion, which is very well known and popular around the world.