Embroidery of Fes

This remarkable artistry come in all colors, shapes and dimensions, no matter the colors your heart desires, we can acomodate you.

This embroidery also known as 'Tarz el Ghorza,' which translates to Counted-thread embroidery is achieved using a technique meticulously calculating the number of warp and weft yarns for each stitch, resulting in a symmetrical, uniform embroidery pattern with stitches of precise length, thus, requiring weeks, and even months, of dedicated effort to be embroidered.

Table cloths

Our team helps you choose the dimensions, shape, colors and accessories suitable for your space. We can design it all to your liking and taste.

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Table wear accessories

Discover an array of dinning table wear accessories handcrafted in the old Medina of Fes. From Table runners, napkins, placemats, glass coasters, napkin rings; we can design it all to your liking and taste.

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