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The Hidden Tribe

Mountain River Side Walkways

Mountain River Side Walkways

The Mountain River Side Walkways rug is originally one of the top picks from rugs of the Beni Ouarain area. It is a go-to choice due to its unique and authentic Mountain River Side Walkways design and comfortable feature.
The Mountain River Side Walkways Beni Ouarain rug material is your ultimate convenient choice for a woolen rug. Artisans from the Atlas mountains shear sheep wool to expertly craft this original and authentic rug to provide that convenience and warm interior feel.
This creamy wool material provides an engraving of Mountain River Side Walkways-like design featuring a classic pathways on the rug. The Mountain River Side Walkways Beni Ouarain rug is an aesthetically pleasing design that fits right into any cozy environment.

Made to measure Overview

LEAD TIME: 8-12 weeks

MAX. WIDTH: 13 feet

LENGTH: Any length

PRICING: $45 - $65/sq. foot

INTERIORS: Residential & Commercial*

For commercial interiors, we've got you covered with rugs that are up to ADA code and appropriately flame treated.

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